Stock market closes early

Thai stock market closes early. In daenbuak increased 3.36 points to close at 1, 22 trading value point 589.15, 095.65 million. While Hong Kong’s hang Seng stock market index The market closed the morning down 278.55 points, at 950.66, 22 points, investors concerned about protracted protests because of a.

Thai stock index closed Sept. 30, when the market this morning in positive daenbuak 3.36 points or 0.21 percent to close at 589.15 trading value, 1 22, 095.65 million.

Top 5 for the first securities are trading up: 2010 country group company limited, True Corporation public company limited, PTT public company limited, Bangkok Bank public company limited and co. g-I-global. Media public company limited.

The Thoetsak Mr. Justice theraphan thawi Senior Vice President, Director of bon analysis. Asia Plus market share estimates this morning before the Thai that the Dutch will swing towards the reference site, due to the way the legs get pressure from abroad. By this morning, the new multi-role kakhe adaptation index as well as the Star Jones into an over 100 points last night and the Hong Kong market opened would adjust it down again because they are concerned about the direction of interest rates, because it is now considered out of range of interest, and legs. For only when the interest is only. Best event: protest in Hong Kong, it must also keep track of. If there is protracted, it will affect the Fund Flow.

While net sales yesterday (Sept 29) of the foreigners in Thai is believed to be the highest net sales in the past two months, however, believe that it is only normal for sale swap. After this thunklum investors net purchases continued since early More than 10,000 total 2557 (2014) Sep 2.1 million. It also emphasizes the original strategy is more than Fair Value adjust stock port and high P/E and also buying its stock dividend available to support personal point 1580 1570-1595-1600 resistance points.

Hong Kong’s hang Seng stock market index The market closed the morning down by the hang Seng index down 278.55 points, or 1.20 percent, at the morning close, 22 950.66 points due to investor anxiety about the protracted protest events still in Hong Kong.